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Product manager strategies for after the pandemic

How I am preparing my product and team for a world after COVID-19
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Writing Is Designing: Words and the User Experience

Buy Writing Is Designing: Words and the User Experience: Read Books Reviews -
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Agile Project Management Vs Traditional Project Management

In this video, you are going to learn about the differences between Agile Project Management and Traditional Project Management. Watch this
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Top Companies to Work for as a Product Manager in 2020

What are the top companies to work for as a Product Manager in 2020? Which criteria should you use to choose your next position? Find out!
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The Hackathon Approach To COVID-19 Showcases Agile Innovation At Its Best

Online hackathons are being mobilized to find new ideas and solutions to solve COVID-19 challenges.
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Artificial Intelligence growing Users’ eXperience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once a concept only known to science-fiction fans. However, AI has now become a mainstream technology…