Why There is no Buoyancy of Water in Turkish Baths? | Emin Çapa | TEDxIstanbul

In his talk titled as "Why There is no Buoyancy of Water in Turkish Baths?", Emin Çapa goes on a journey with outstanding scientists in history and continues with his critisms towards the education system of Turkey. While telling about the necessity of our country to identify its role within today's scientific explosion, he adds: If Archimedes found the buoyancy of water in bath, why couldn't millions of Turks find the buoyancy of water for thousands of years?

Emin Çapa, Journalist and Manager of Economy, CNN TURK.

Emin Çapa studied in the department of Journalism in Istanbul University to which he started in 1984 and he had his two postgraduate educations on EU. He started to work as an intern in Hürriyet when he started university. Then, for the first time in the Tempo magazine, he became a staffed reporter of economics. Then he became one of the founders of Genç Radyo, which is among Turkey's first private radios.

After working in Turkey's Employers' Associations Confederation because of his interest in employee-employer issues, he worked as an economics reporter for 5 years in Sabah newspaper. He has worked at CNN TURK since November, 1999. During his carreer at CNN TURK, he started as an editor, after that he became Economics News Editor and then Economics News Manager and lastly he became the Manager of Economics. Çapa, who is still the manager of economic, is married and has a son who studies law and EU in Strasbourg University. Çapa is amateurishly interested in gardening, he likes being with his friends and he sometimes become a guide in art history - archeology fields for free.

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Video - 19 minutes

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