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Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2020 (Grow Your Small Business)

Today I'm sharing my BEST marketing strategies and tips for 2020.

I do a TON of marketing experiments. These are the top 10 tips you can do to grow your small business. From Facebook groups, social media marketing, and "Active Audience" (new metric) and a bunch more.

After working at Facebook, Mint, AppSumo, etc... I've seen plenty of marketing trends. Here are my top marketing strategies for 2020:

1. Facebook Groups
2. Weekly Email Newsletter
3. Autoresponders
4. Linkedin Newsletter
5. Active Audience count
6. Free tools
7. Calculators and generators
8. Templates
9. Offline events
10. Facebook marketplace.

COMMENT below with one strategy YOU will use in 2020 🚀


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