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  • Student:

    Sharing daily on Edhabit has helped expand my knowledge on various topics, stay connected with relevant people, and keep track of the information I’m interacting with! An easy-to-use, effective one-stop hub.
    Resources they recommend

    Chelsea Trattner,
    Stanford University

  • Teacher:

    Edhabit is a platform I turn to when I need a spark of creativity or advice from other teachers during this time of virtual learning. I love how I can easily support academic growth by sharing the material I’ve liked and contributed to my students and their parents.
    Resources they recommend

    Camryn Muller,
    South Carolina, 3rd Grade

  • Parent:

    Edhabit has made screen time productive for my daughter and has been something we can do together. We can always find fun activities to do like virtual cooking and making music while learning math!
    Resources they recommend

    Margeret Moore,
    Mother of Two
    and Guidance Counselor

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